4 thoughts on “Canine Commissions

    1. I’ve done drawings of Hares in the past but I don’t have any currently for sale. I’ve got a few photographs of hares lined up for future references so it won’t be long till I’ve got some more drawings done!


  1. Hi Robyn
    Your neighbour Doreen told me about you. We have two terriers ( one Cairn and one Heinz), and would love to have their portraits done. We have always had our dogs have their portraits done so would like to keep up the tradition! At the moment Ted the Cairn is not too well, poor chap, but as soon as he’s better could we arrange a date convenient to you – of course if you would like to do them???? Look forward to meeting you soon.
    We just live at the bottom of the hill – the house on the corner of Hylands.
    Thanks a lot.


    1. Hi Jean!
      Yes of course! I’d be happy to pop over whenever to photograph them for you. Let me know when Ted is feeling better and I’ll come over. It would be best to email me to arrange a time. My email address is rcarter.artwork@gmail.com
      Look forward to meeting you too!
      Best wishes, Robyn


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